Thursday, February 7, 2008

Me? An Award?

Wow!!! Lastel honored me with this award. Check out her beautiful blog at
Stampinstel's Unique Creations.
She has a beautiful unique style!! Thanks Lastel for this honor.

Now, to list 10 others. I'm so new to the blogging world, I don't even *know* that many sites. Here are 10 awesome stampers!! Each of their styles are so different and their blogs are too. You won't be disappointed if you take the time to visit their blogs!!

Carolyn King
Laurie Schmidlin
Frances Byrne
Michelle Rodgers
Candy Williams
Judy (StampingQueenJAR)
Broni Holcombe
Shelly Kuck
Pam Bassett (4Hounds)
Lynda Benden


JAR said...

How sweet!! Thanks so much, Tosh!! I love YOUR blog! (You already knew that.... :) )

Candy said...

Very sweet Tosh, Thank You So Much!!

broni (waterchild12) said...

Aw gee, Tosh! Thank you so much!!! You are too sweet!

Carolyn King said...

Thanks Tosh!!! You so deserve an award! What a sweetheart--Hope you are feeling a bit better today.


Shelly said...

This was such a nice surprise Tosh! Thanks my friend.........

Lynda said...

Thank you Tosh! I have not received a blog award before!!! Thanks so much! Yes, you so deserve the award ~ your blog rocks!!!


Michelle said...

WOW! What an honor...and how sweet of you! You KNOW I love your blog. After all, I'm here every day!

I hope you're feeling well enough to enjoy CHA!

4Hounds said...

Tosh----Thanks SO much for giving me my VERY first blog award!! What an honor, coming from someone SO unbelievably talented!! (After are, you are a Dirty girl!!) Enjoy your time at CHA....I sure hope you perk up a bit and are feeling better soon. Take care----Hugs to you!!! Pam (4Hounds)

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