Monday, November 28, 2011

Fall Photos

Hello my friends!! It's Monday!! I LOVE Mondays. I truly feel like I get the most accomplished early in the week.

Well, I don't have any paper projects to share today. I have some in the works, just can't share them yet. :)

But I would like to share some photos that I took Thanksgiving morning. We started with a bit of fog, but the skies turned a brilliant blue by the afternoon. And our trees have put on quite a show this year. Oh, we get some color by mid November, but nothing really truly rich. Well, since our Fall was late this year, it seems to have changed things up a bit.

I actually took this picture about a week ago. I loved the fog with the angus, the green grass and changing trees. One thing we have here in central California, is green grass with our colored trees.

Next up are two pictures of the "kids" who keep me company while my other two kids are off at college. This is Bear. Sorry he looks a bit mangy. He goes to the groomer in a couple of days, so his eyes are barely visible.

This is Jack. Our protector. He's extremely loyal, and very protective. Bear's the welcoming committee, whereas Jack is the deterrent. LOL

Here are a couple of pictures that I took of our Cana Lilies this morning. I love the brilliant orange with the dew still on the leaves!!

That's it for now. Thanks for visiting. Check back later this week for some paper projects.
Have a fabulous week, and Happy Stamping!!

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Marisa said...

Trusting you had a good Thanksgiving :) Love the pictures. Your Sheppard is gorgeous, and yes, would be a deterrent LOL! The flower is GORGEOUS!

Ash said...

The picture of your protector reminds me of my sweetheart BRUNO who is not with us anymore.... I miss all his pranks, his looks, his caring nature & that beautiful face he has..... Basically this breed is very much a darling.... SO FULL OF WARMTH!

Happy Celebrations!!!

Ash... :)

Luanne said...

Beautiful! I love fall color, and here in Kentucky it was fabulous this year. Your dogs are so sweet! Thanks for sharing with us! Have an awesome day!

wannabcre8tive said...

Beautiful fall picture. It is so good to see your little buddies. Jack is definitely a protector.

Unknown said...

I love that you shared your corner of the world with all of us. Bear is a sweetie and Jack has such soulful eyes. Great photography as well!

irishgalkelly said...

Hi Tosh! Just now seeing these photos. They are wonderful! Love the fog pic, the cannas, and your beautiful handsome "boys". Your shepherd's eyes are dreamy. I'd kiss that face all day! Happy New Year to you!

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